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MBBS In Georgia

Why you should opt for DTMU to pursue your MBBS in Georgia?

Located in Georgia, David Tvildiani Medical University is amongst the best institutes for MBBS in Georgia. The thorough curriculum that the university incorporates helps the students become excellent doctors anywhere in the world. Another advantage of pursuing MBBS from DTMU is that the graduates are able to pass all the international and MCI examinations without any trouble, which makes DTMU the best choice to study MBBS in Georgia. David Tvildiani Medical University follows USMLE syllabus, which enables young students to obtain the best placements in the United States of America. For those students who are eager to pursue MBBS but are unable to do so due to lack of opportunities, DTMU provides them with the best facilities to accelerate growth in their career.

MBBS in Georgia
DTMU University

About Georgia

A part of Eurasia, Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region. Located at the boundaries of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is surrounded by the Black Sea to the left, Russia towards its north, Turkey and Armenia to the south and Azerbaijan to the southeast. The largest city and also the capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.

With a population of almost 4.7 million, Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometres. A unitary parliamentary republic, the government in Georgia is elected through a representative democracy. Also, medical education in Georgia is extremely popular all across the globe.

Did you know? There are several WHO recognised medical institutes in Georgia. Hence, for students who wish to study MBBS in Europe, Georgia is the optimum choice. Studying MBBS in Georgia has its very own set of benefits. Especially for Indian students, studying in Georgia is thoroughly beneficial because the fees, which is extremely affordable for international students.

Until 2011, Georgia was not very popular amongst Indian students. However, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine in the eastern sector, students started to shift their base to Georgia.

One thing to keep in mind before opting to study MBBS in Georgia is that Georgia is not a part of the European Union. But, is a popular destination for students to pursue MBBS in Europe. You can also check on the Quora forum that MBBS is extremely popular and David Tvildiani Medical University.

What is the climate like in Georgia?

Despite the small size of the nation, Georgia displays a diverse climate. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range helps keep the climate in check by protecting the nation from the penetration of cold masses that travels from the north, while The Lesser Caucasus Mountain Range protects the nation from dry and hot masses that comes down from the south. During the Autumn and spring months, the rainfall can be on the heavier side.

David Tvildiani Medical University campus in Rustavi is also the only medical university campus which has a hostel within the compound for international students. This campus was started in 2016, specifically for international students. This is a guarded campus with guards at the entry points. The hostel has many facilities like laundry, mess, internet and a library, and it provides all the comforts for students to focus completely on their studies. This is one of the important factors when it comes to the safety of international students as they don’t have to travel to and for from the university to their private hostels.

What is the fee structure to study MBBS from DTMU?
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 8000USD 8000USD 8000USD 8000USD 8000USD 8000USD
Why you should study MBBS in Georgia from DTMU?

When it comes to studying MBBS within your budget, it is not an easy decision to make. Most of the parents and students are unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS Abroad. Before making your decision of whether or not you must pursue your MBBS Abroad, it is mandatory to understand the pros and cons. For more information, you can always take a look at the Advisory Issued by the Indian Embassy: https://eoiyerevan.gov.in/pages.php?id=29 

There are over 5000 students studying MBBS in Georgia. The medical admissions are considered to be one of the toughest in the world, and there are many students who get deprived of the admission criteria and high admissions and course fees. Such students can study for MBBS Admission in Georgia and DTMU is known to provide the best facilities at reasonable fee structures. The economical living which is almost 2.5 times cheaper than the USA and around 3 folds cheaper than the UK. Georgia is a perfect place for the students to Pursue MBBS studies. 

Information regarding the duration of MBBS in David Tvildiani Medical University

MBBS is always a 6-year-program, which includes an internship. Georgia follows the EU pattern of education; hence, you will require at least 360 credits, which can be accomplished within six years. You will notice that some universities in Georgia are offering a 5-year-program, which is not valid and is done to show a lesser budget. The university letters always show a 6-year-program for MBBS in Georgia.

What are the living costs for Indian Students while studying MBBS in Georgia?

According to the Indian Embassy, the living cost in Tbilisi, Georgia comes up to $ 400 per month, which is approximately 28,000 INR per month.

Hostel and accommodation costs for students studying MBBS in Georgia

DTMU is the only University in Georgia that provides hostel facilities within the campus. We specially built a hostel for international students pursuing MBBS from DTMU with various facilities, such as;

  • We have accommodation for girls and boys on separate floors.
  • We also serve Indian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge for the students staying in the hostel.
  • Laundry
  • Mess
  • Internet
  • Library
  • We have 2, 3 and 4 sharing rooms.
  • A twin room costs 350 per month
  • 3 sharing 250 per month
  • 4 sharing is 200 USD per month
  • Hostel fees are paid at the beginning of the semester for 6 months of duration. Please check the room availability at the time of admission. Twin rooms are limited and subject to availability.

Please NOTE: Staying in the hostel for the first-year students is mandatory.

Is it safe to study MBBS in Georgia?

DTMU has a 24 hours campus security and a strict protocol is followed for the safety of the students.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia from DTMU
  • There is no entrance or admission test.
  • The admission process is very easy.
  • The teaching language for MBBS in DTMU is English.
  • Indian students wanting to study MBBS in Georgia can appear for licensing exams such as MCI screening test.
  • The weather in Georgia is moderate compared to Russia.
  • MBBS Universities in Georgia have an affordable fee structure compared to the Universities in other countries.
  • MBBS in Georgia, provide AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) Standard Education.
  • Study for MBBS admission Georgia without the requirement of giving an entrance Examination.
  • The teacher to student ratio is 1:20 which is absolutely perfect to provide students with an engaging and effective classroom environment.
  • There is no requirement of IELTS/TOEFL
  • English Medium
  • Offers 100% Visa Approval Rate
  • Peaceful and co-cordial environment for the students to study
  • Living expenses are very reasonable for high quality amenities and infrastructure monthly expenses
  • Nil crime rates in Georgia
  • The medical colleges in Georgia are WHO/MCI approved and globally recognized.
  • The simple and less time-consuming MBBS Admission process in Georgia.
  • Accommodation facilities provided for both girls and boys in separate units and apartments.
  • The fees are payable in two instalments as per the individual’s comfort.
  • The students receive excellent salary packages in Georgian Medical Universities\
  • Students who study for MBBS in Georgia get the opportunity to do experiments and clinical clerkship from 1st semester onwards which helps improve the student’s skills.
  • Students get many options for internships or further studies within the country itself.
  • The universities in Georgia are well equipped with great technology and infrastructure.
  • All the medical universities in Georgia provide very good accommodation facilities to the students and they also make Indian food easily available for the students.
  • Scholarship facilities available for students coming from any country to Georgia to pursue their MBBS
Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University
  • Candidate should have passed the higher secondary examination or its equivalent with 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and 60% marks in English separately.
  • Should complete 17 years of age at the time of application and should not exceed 25 by the said date.
  • From 2018 NEET is mandatory for Indian students taking admission abroad if they wish to practice medicine in India.
Documents Required for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University
  • 12th Class Marks sheet
  • Passport (all pages)
  • Completed Application form

Email to admission@dtmuindia.com

What is the admission procedure for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University?

MBBS admission Abroad involves several procedures that need to be completed before getting to the place. For MBBS in Georgia here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • The process of Medical education in Georgia generally commences in September.
  • The seats are allocated to the students based on first come first serve. It is wise to apply beforehand in July and August, for hassle-free MBBS Admission without any issue.
  • Students have to fill up the application form along with the documents to be furnished, and have to send it to the University.
  • Upon receiving and verifying these documents the university will issue an admission letter for the candidate.
  • Once the candidate receives the admission letter, he/she has to deposit the first year’s tuition fee into the university’s account, details of which are mentioned in the admission letter.
  • The tuition fee receipt has to be emailed at the above-mentioned email id.
  • The university will then provide the supporting documents which the candidate will need for applying for the visa.
  • After 30 days, the students get the accreditation letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, upon which the university gets a ministry order and issues an invitation letter to the students, along with supporting documents that is required while applying for the Visa.
  • The candidate has to apply for a Georgian Visa
  • Visa approval takes 30 days once the procedure is completed after which the student has to deposit the fees for the first-year course.
  • When the fees get cleared, the process of departure gets completed.
Applying for Visa for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University?

DTMU India can provide guidance for visa application. Here are some basic documentary requirements, which the candidate has to fulfil in order to process the visa application:-

  • 12thMarksheet (apostilled)
  • Bank Statement 3 months (1.5 lakhs deposit)
  • Sponsor letter (parent)
  • Photo (high resolution, white background)
  • Travel ticket booking
  • Visa supporting documents provided by the university.
Tele-counselling for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University

DTMU has experts who have immense knowledge and experience to help guide you through the MBBS Admission in Georgia. You can be in touch with the counselors via phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, and more. You can get in touch with our tele-counselors on +918411977377.

Personal counseling for MBBS in Georgia from David Tvildiani Medical University

DTMU India is the exclusive international admission office of David Tvildiani Medical University in India. We provide all the information about the university, academics, logistics etc, and assist the aspiring students to procure admission. Our team at DTMU India consists of people who are Georgian by nationality, help aspiring students get acclimatized with Georgian culture and traditions before they leave for Georgia.

DTMU India team provides all the information required by students and their parents and clarifies all doubts which are created by agents who promote substandard universities abroad. We understand the importance of correct information and guidance and we have no financial transactions with anyone in India – and it is the main reason why the information provided by DTMU India team is completely unbiased.

What are the PG options after studying MBBS in Georgia?

Candidates who have completed MBBS are offered with the following PG options-

  • You can practice in USA after the qualification of USMLE
  • You can join a PG program in Germany
  • After passing PLAB you can practice in UK
  • After the qualification of MCI screening test, you can practice in India
  • After AMC you can practice in Australia
  • After passing Language and Practice Licensing exam you can practice in other countries of Europe
About David Tvildiani Medical University

Commonly known as DTMU, it was previously known as AIETI Medical School and was established in the year 1989 by Academics David Tvildiani and Dr Dmitri Tvildiani. Their aim was to help students pursue MBBS in Georgia, which encompasses international standards. And, over the years DTMU has become the best medical university in Georgia.