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Difference between MBBS in Georgia and MBBS in Russia

Difference between MBBS in Georgia and MBBS in Russia

Difference between MBBS in Georgia and MBBS in Russia

During the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties, it was very common for aspiring Indian medical students to go to the then Soviet Union for their MBBS education. There were good universities in most Soviet cities like Moscow, Leningrad (St Petersburg now), Kiev, Tbilisi, Tashkent, Almaty, Kharkov, Minsk etc. where Indian students chose to study. This trend continued even after the breakup of Soviet Union in the early nineteen nineties. Indian students are still going to that part of the world but a lot has changed since the breakup of Soviet Union.

As the republics of Soviet Union became independent countries, they started developing at their own unique pace.

Here is what happened regarding this when we compare Russia and Georgia.


Georgia became a true democracy. It moved (principally) towards the West. They fought against corruption and crime. Russia on the other hand, deteriorated further in this regard.

Take a note of the Corruption Perception Index to understand this aspect better:


Georgia is placed at 41st position and Russia is ranked at 138th position, very close to some of the most corrupt countries Nigeria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangla Desh, Pakistan etc (with due respect). This also means that corruption in Russia is much higher than in India and China as well.


This kind of high corruption level, gives crime and criminals an opportunity to prosper in Russia. Most cities in Russia are unsafe for foreign students. Georgia however, is almost crime free. Policing is efficient and its legal system is corruption free.

Education System 

Most Russian Universities follow their same old pattern of education and syllabuses. They haven’t improvised much since the Soviet Era. Georgian Universities have improvised their syllabuses and use much more modern style of teaching, especially DTMU (David Tvildiani Medical University), which follows a USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination based syllabus. DTMU is the best university of Georgia in this regard.


Russia is known to have the harshest winter in the world, even minus 30 degrees Celsius is not at all uncommon in most parts of Russia during winters. Foreign students, especially Indian students, find it very difficult to adapt to such weather. Georgia on the other hand has a much milder weather. Russians themselves like to visit Georgia for its climate and natural beauty.


MBBS in Georgia is purely in English. Georgia made the effort to shift the medium of education to English, especially when it comes to MBBS in Georgia. Russia lagged behind, and although they claim, that MBBS in Russia is in English, they have failed on this aspect.


Georgians are warm hearted, hospitable people. This makes it a much better place to stay, as they tend to make foreigners feel safe and welcome in their country.


Georgia, because of the weather and terrain has abundance of fruits and vegetables. It supplies fruits and vegetables to Russia and other erstwhile republics even today. Georgian Cuisine is very popular across the world. Also, for some of the Indian students who are vegetarians, there is a variety of traditionally Georgian dishes which are vegetarian and are available everywhere, like Khachapuri (baked bread with cheese filling), Mushroom Khinkali (mushroom momos), Potato Khinkali (potato momos), Lobiani (Paratha filled with rajma), Soko Ketze (mushroom in earthen pot), Niguziani Badrijani (Brinjal with walnuts), Niguziani Pkhali (Spinach with walnuts), Chaadi lobio (Rajma curry with Makkai roti). There are many more such dishes which are purely vegetarian.

These are just a few points. There are many more reasons why one should choose to pursue MBBS in Georgia. To know more, contact 8411977377. Or write to dtmuindia@gmail.com

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