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Hard Work is the Key to Success

Hard Work is the Key to Success

Hard Work is the Key to Success

Dr Vasanth Kumar’s Advise to DTMU Students

Dr Vasanth Kumar, a practicing doctor from Chennai is amongst the earlier students of DTMU who had joined the college in the year 2007. He passed out in 2012. “Initially I had taken admission at TSMU, but I took a transfer to DTMUafter the first year. It was possible to do so at that time,” he said and continued, “There were only a couple of Indian students studying at DTMU during that period, Dr Usha Raghunathan and Dr Muthu Raajendhira from Chennai; they are both well established doctors.”

He also discussed the possibility that very soon all graduates from India who are studying MBBS in India will have to go through a test for their licence to practice medicine. “There are many private colleges which are opposing this move, but I think eventually it will come through.” Dr Vasanth said that everyone who studied at DTMU passed the MCI eligibility test, and added, “We had to study a lot. DTMU makes you work very hard. I will not say anything bad about my previous college, TSMU also, but I do feel DTMU has an edge over it when it comes to education.”


Remembering his student years he said, “I have travelled a lot inside Georgia during my times. On every vacation, I along with my friends used to go to places like Mestia, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Kazbegi and Batumi. I feel there is so much one can travel inside Georgia during student years.” His favourite destination remains Mestia.DR Vasanth in SvanetiHe also feels that the fact that he picked Georgian language helped him in getting used to the society and culture. “I feel it is important to learn Georgian language. It really helps in getting used to the culture and people,” he said, and added, “I have made some friends for life, Georgians, who are in touch with me till now. That has been possible only because I had learnt the language.”

Dr Vassan feels that Georgia was one of the best places he could have gone to for studies. “It is very safe and the people are warm. I always remember my study years as an amazing time,” he explained. His advice to the Indian is that they should focus and concentrate on studies. “Studying at DTMU is not easy. The exams are not easy and that is the reason why the graduates are able to perform well at USMLE or FMGE exams.”

Dr Vasanth is working at the prestigious Aysha Hospital, Chennai. “The future is very bright if you put in your effort and never give up. I wish the younger lot of students lots of success in the future,” he said signing off on a very positive note.