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Indian students’ life in Georgia

Indian students’ life in Georgia

Indian students’ life in Georgia

Once a student from India arrives in Tbilisi, Georgia, what is the life like? Well, life in Georgia is not all that different from what you would live in India. Of course, there is less congestion and the environment is quite different. The first thing that you should know is that most of the universities don’t have  hostel facilities so all students live off campus. There is plenty of affordable housing within walking distance of most universities and colleges. In fact, the local Georgians have flats, bed and breakfast and condos for rent all the time. There are also many other Indian students who are looking for room mates.  Further, next to these universities there are plenty of cafeterias and grocery shops. All over the city there are large shopping malls which carry almost every item that you can possibly want.

In your apartment, the rooms are much larger than what you used to in India. Most rooms come furnished with the basic amenities, include shower and toilet facilities, laundry and also have heating. If you want TV and internet, you may have to pay extra. But most landlords also offer these services at a small fee. The tap water is clean and can be consumed without worry.

Almost all college campuses have a large library which is open till late. There are sporting facilities, cafeterias and recreational facilities available at no extra cost. Almost every weekend, you can rest assured there will be a dance, disco or some type of social gathering on the campus. Many Indian students plan their own gathering and bring their own specialty dish which everyone shares.

Over the weekend, most students take time out from their studies and venture out. Tbilisi is a beautiful history city with lots of culture. Transportation is very cheap and the city is served by an excellent transit system. Even traveling to nearby towns is very cheap.

Tbilisi does have an active night life but it is more laid back. There are night clubs and bars all over the city but most students prefer to visit friends or family instead. For a student, a night out on the town is not expensive and one can have a good dinner at a fancy restaurant at a low price.

For shopping, you can buy almost anything here but the prices tend to be a little bit more than what you can get in India. So if you do not need anything special, then you are better off buying the item back home.

Even though Georgian is the official language, both Russian and English is also spoken. In fact most roadway signs are both in English and Russian. If you need any medications, there are pharmacies open all over the place. Unlike the rigid rules you have in the USA, most pharmacies will give you your medications, even if you do not have a prescription.

Finally, the one thing you will note the moment you arrive at the airport is the friendliness of the people. Georgians by nature are warm and hospitable people. Most are proud of their country and will go out of their way to make sure that you have a good time.  Of course, in return, you also need to be pleasant, nice and warm.