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MBBS Abroad

MBBS Abroad

What goes on in the mind of a perspective student from India who starts considering going for MBBS abroad? I have started analyzing this. And in order to understand them better, one has to look at some facts.

1. Indian students consider MBBS abroad only when they don’t get a seat in NEET.
2. They feel they have failed their parents by not getting through NEET.
3. They feel that going abroad would add a lot of financial burden on their families.
4. What would happen when they come back to India with a foreign degree? Will they be able to practice in India?
5. Will they be able to adapt to the environment abroad. Will they be able to survive well in an alien country where they don’t have the protected environment created by their parents.

There are many self doubts that these very young students go through – And the decision is definitely not easy. Yesterday I met a young man who kept asking questions like,”What if I fail in a couple of subjects in the first year.” “What if I come back and fail the MCI screening test.” “What will happen if I fail in the final year.” and so on. All the questions were about not making it, about failing.

I was trying to understand where he is coming from. He has just come to know that he is not getting a college admission based on the poor performance in NEET. He feels that he has let down himself and his family. He has taken this loss too harshly upon himself. Will he be able to overcome it?

I do feel bad that children have to go through competitive exams, which already have a ratio of getting selected at just 5%, and they have to go through such guilt after not passing. I feel they need time to sit back and think about the whole thing. Do they really deserve to put themselves through so much guilt and pain? It is important for parents and counselors also to help these children move on in life. They have to be explained that everyone in this whole world goes through his/her share of failures in life, and it is a process which makes them who they are. Mistakes and failures help us learn to improve ourselves.

Regarding admissions however, the trend seems to be changing. This year we have a lot of students at DTMU who have chosen to take admission even before NEET results. They have understood that studying at DTMU – USMLEbased curriculum would make them internationally much more qualified and competent than studying MBBS in India.

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