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MBBS Courses Offered in Georgia

MBBS Courses Offered in Georgia

mbbs in georgia

Nestled in the Caucasus mountain range, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Georgia has emerged as a leading destination for aspiring Indian students – especially those looking to pursue MBBS in Georgia.

Georgia is one of the most recommended places to pursue MBBS in Europe. Georgian society has always given priority to education. There is a certain pride they feel in claiming to be well educated.  Just like in India, a doctor’s profession is highly respected in Georgia. There are some very good universities available for enrolling in an MBBS in Georgia. Plus, the MBBS in Georgia fee is lesser as compared to many other places. That is one of the reasons that the country is home to many foreign students who wish to study MBBA abroad.

The biggest center of such universities in Georgia is Tbilisi, the capital city. There are many universities and colleges where students can take MBBS admission in Tbilisi. A couple of old, reputed universities that have already established a name for themselves are, DTMU (David Tvildiani Medical University) and TSMU. There are also many new universities, like Geomedi, European Teaching University, Caucasus International University etc. Such universities are coming up every year to cater to the growing demand for MBBS in Georgia. However, one can’t be sure of the quality of education in these universities as they are new and it will take a long time before they deliver any results for anyone to decide whether it is the right place to study MBBS abroad.

All the universities teach in English language and follow a local Georgian syllabus, however DTMU is the only university in Georgia, which officially follows USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination, based syllabus for education. This fact attracts the top most students of Georgia to the university. Those students who top Georgia’s entrance exams choose DTMU as their first preference for MBBS admission; just like in India the toppers of NEET Exams would choose AIIMS as their first preference.

DTMU is a top choice for students who pursue MBBS in Georgia. There is a very important reason behind this– It is the USMLE syllabus, and also the expertise DTMU enjoys at teaching the syllabus since the year 1991. Getting educated in this syllabus allows the students to go for masters to The US and other European countries much more easily compared to the students who have graduated from other colleges and universities in Georgia. DTMU has the highest percentage of students that are doing masters and residency programs outside the country.

The success rate enjoyed by DTMU among other options to for students wish to pursue MBBS abroad is because of USMLE Syllabus, the teaching style, and most importantly a strict academic discipline that is followed at DTMU. In Georgia other universities are quite relaxed in their approach towards education and academic discipline. However, that is the reason that their students’ success rate at MCI Eligibility Test is abysmally low. DTMU on the other hand enjoys a hundred percent success rate at these tests. And they enjoy a great success rate, not only at the MCI Eligibility Tests, but at almost all prominent Eligibility Tests across the world, including USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination.

Aspiring Indian students for MBBS in Georgia should do a thorough research about the universities and colleges before choosing the correct one. MBBS admission should be taken only at a university that has the best syllabus, and has a good track record at the MCI Eligibility Tests. Often one hears agents promoting new colleges and distracting students by the fact that these new colleges are cheaper. One has to make a choice, and know what the priority is – is it a priority to become a good doctor, clear all exams and also to be able to enroll for masters, or to go to colleges which don’t have any proven records – Both the options are available when one searches for MBBS courses offered in Georgia.

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