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Life at DTMU Can Be Much More Than Studies

Life at DTMU Can Be Much More Than Studies

MBBS in Georgia Can be Fun –

Student life is the most interesting period in one’s life. This is the time when a person actually develops his/ her personality. It is only later that people look back and feel that they could have done so much more during that impressionable stage of their lives. They feel they could have had much more fun, learnt new skills, developed interesting hobbies, and added a lot more value to their personalities. You will find that everyone who has passed this age has about the same opinion. It would be important for students who are studying in universities at this moment to think wisely about this period of their lives – It would really help them.

It is a misconception that studying MBBS leaves us with no extra time to cultivate any other interests. You will find that there are students around you who are performing well academically and are still able to pursue their hobbies and interests. There are students who go to the gym, play musical instruments, sing, or play sports – and still are doing well in studies. How does that happen?

The students who are able to study and yet follow their passion in life do things differently. They don’t count the number of hours that they study – instead, they focus on how much they learn. They do everything with a lot more focus and awareness. When they sit to study, they give their 100% attention to what they are doing, and their focus is to learn what they are studying. That leaves them enough time to do other things as well.

Those of you who also wish to develop some hobbies and interest need to follow the same trick. Give your 100% while studying, and don’t think about how many hours you need to study. I know it’s easier said than done, but remember, if one person can do it, then it means, “It can be done”. Period. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen.

There are a number of interests which can be cultivated and developed while living in Georgia. Georgians are very good at singing, dancing, boxing, chess, athletics, football, wrestling, body building, playing musical instruments, swimming, skiing, mountaineering, and innumerable other things. How about developing some of these interests and pursuing them alongside studying? One can learn so much while pursuing MBBS in Georgia.

My advise would be that don’t look for the company of your fellow students to do things which interests you. Don’t wait for anyone to go along with you as you search your own passion. Do it alone if needed. Leaders usually walk alone, and one day they become so self assured and confident that people follow them.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill.

Never give up!

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