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Opportunities after USMLE 3

Opportunities after USMLE 3

Students from all over the world go to Tbilisi, Georgia for their medical studies. Besides Canada, there are students from the USA, India, Africa, Central and South America and even other republics of the former soviet union. There are several universities in Georgia who offer very similar program to the American MD undergraduate program. The only difference is that the Georgia programs are 6 years instead of the 4 years in the USA. These medical education programs follow a course curriculum which is very similar to the one in the USA. There is no difference in either the basic or clinical sciences between the courses you learn in the USA or Georgia.

The reason the medical education programs are developed in this way is because it helps the foreign students prepare and pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Anyone who wishes to practice medicine in Canada or the USA must have the USMLE. The USMLE is essential for obtaining a place in internship/residency in the USA and Canada. Further, the USMLE is also needed for licensing purposes.

To ensure that the students do pass the USMLE with flying colors, the medical schools in Georgia offer integrated preclinical and clinical training that helps develop the core foundation of medicine.

The teaching is done by doctors who have trained in Georgia and abroad and English is the common language. The physicians who teach know exactly what the USMLE will ask and will ensure that all students develop solid knowledge in the basic sciences.

Once the student passes USMLE Step3, then he or she is eligible to apply for a residency or internship in the USA or Canada. It is important to remember that there are medical students from all over the world applying to US and Canadian hospitals and competition is fierce. So getting a good grade in the USMLE exams is a priority. There are always vacant positions for internships in the USA but sometimes these may not always be in the cities you want. For example, if you want to go to Boston or Los Angeles, this may not be realistic because most of the top American hospitals usually select US educated medical students first. However, since the medical training in the USA is the same all over the country, you can apply anywhere you want. For example, you can go for an internship in New Orleans and you will get the same training as someone at Harvard.

Because there are not many residency positions open in all specialties (eg dermatology or ophthalmology), one also has to be realistic when applying to the US residency programs. However, there are ample opportunities to get a place in medicine, anesthesia, family practice, physiatry, psychiatry and anesthesia. With a solid grade in the USMLE, you can also apply to Canadian programs. Canada has a deficiency of primary care doctors and the country usually accepts 20-30 foreign educated physicians.

Remember, 50% of the US physicians is foreign born so if they can make it, so can you. So if you are planning to come back to the USA to practice medicine, you need to ace all the steps of the USMLE.
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