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Recreational activities for students in Tbilisi, Georgia

Recreational activities for students in Tbilisi, Georgia

One of the great things about studying in Tbilisi, Georgia is that you have ample recreational activities. The nation has always encouraged its citizens to take part in outdoor and indoor sporting and cultural activities. All over the country there are facilities for recreation. However, the type of recreational activity also depends on the season. In winter most recreational activities are geared towards the snow and during the summer it is water-related. However, there are many more activities for students than just playing sports.

For foreign students, recreational activities really depend on the company. After a long week of studying hard, most foreign students prefer to just take it easy over the weekends. Often, students get together and organize informal dinners and listen to music, watch videos and play indoor games.

For those who are more active, there are ample recreational activities. Almost all universities and colleges have sports arenas where one can participate in indoor sporting activities like swimming, tennis, badminton or even squash. Tbilisi also has many jogging and cycling tracks all over the city.

There are cinemas, restaurants, cafeterias and fast food joints all over. In general most foreign students prefer to eat home cooked meals and watch online movies- which is cheaper and more satisfying.

During long weekends, one can get out of town and go to the seashore. Georgia has many fresh lakes where one can fish, undertake water activities or just sit and soak the sun. For those who are brave, one can visit Mtkvari river where there are rafting tours. A day spent in this part of the country is exhilarating to say the least.

Tbilisi is a city full of tradition and culture and one does not always have to leave town to enjoy the place. There are some great monuments and buildings to see like the Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Bridge of Peace, National Botanical Garden of Georgia, the Narikala Fortress or use the aerial Tramway and get some breath taking views of the city. During the summer, the Mtatsminda Amusement park is open and you can get to sit on some thrilling but very scary rides.

During the winter season, most foreign students prefer to be indoors. However, winter is a favorite time for many Georgians as they love snow, skiing and snowboarding. You may also want to learn ice skating as there are many skating arenas all over the city.

The good thing about Tbilisi is that most of the recreational activities do not require much money and many sightseeing ventures are free. All you need is motivation. As long as you have good company, you can enjoy almost any activity in Tbilisi. When you are tired of recreation, you can always study or browse the internet.
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