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Seminar & Counselling for doing MBBS Abroad by DTMU INDIA

Seminar & Counselling for doing MBBS Abroad by DTMU INDIA


Every year hundreds of student from India go abroad to pursue Higher Education, be it for Graduation or Post Graduation. As the demand for medical courses is on the rise and there is a scarcity of medical seats in India, students have got a genuine excuse for doing MBBS Abroad. The toughest part for the students is to choose a good and reliable university where they can avail quality education, good accommodation, food, reasonable fees, safe atmosphere and an assurance that their degree will be considered valid on their return to India.

Students prefer joining only those colleges where education is provided in English. If the concerned colleges provide complete support, the admission process becomes simple and hassle-free. Students find it difficult to reach out with the colleges for admissions related questions which are based abroad directly. Hence, they contact agents who work as mediators between the colleges and Indian students. In this process, there is a danger that the students may get caught up in the network of illegal agents who often hide facts or misguide students who have to repent their decisions later.

DTMU India is the direct representative of DTMU Georgia. DTMU invites Indian students to attend seminars where complete guidance is provided for MBBS courses in DTMU, Georgia. Teachers and officials from the university conduct seminars and clarify all doubts and queries of students until they are fully convinced and satisfied. Since no agents are involved, it is the safest practice.

The seminar and counseling sessions are open for all aspirants who wish to pursue MBBS abroad. Students can take advantage of the free counseling sessions and get a clear idea about the college, university, and country where they will be staying during their graduation

Indian students get admissions on the basis of their higher secondary marks. Hence, an arrangement is made for giving spot admissions. The hostel facilities, fee structure, and other expenses are explained in the counseling sessions and payments are accepted in India. Thus, students can be sure that when they reach their dream destination, all arrangements will be made to the smallest detail. Guidance and support is also offered for visa, ticket booking and other formalities.

DTMU India offers direct admission to Indian students for MBBS. It is the first and exclusive international representative of David Tvildiani Medical University to promote MBBS admission in Georgia for MCI approved medical college.  Georgia is a safe and scenic place in East Europe with a pleasant climate; it is a superb educational hub for international students from all over the world.

DTMU curriculum is based on the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Students have access to the best medical facilities and library. They have a choice to appear in USMLE Exams in the 2nd and 4th year of their course. If they clear these two steps then they are eligible to go to the USA for work or for further studies once their course is over.

While we conclude on this article for those who are looking for MBBS admission in Medical University abroad for getting your MBBS in Russia, China or Georgia you must know that studies in DTMU is based on the American syllabus. Students here study the same curriculum which is taught in The US, from Kaplan books. David Tvildiani Medical University students are also entitled to sit for the USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination, step 1 after completing five semesters (2.5 years), and step 2 after completing 10 semesters (5 years) of college. Most of the graduates from DTMU pass the USMLE exams and go to The US for further studies and work there. This opportunity of studying from the best of the syllabus and then going to the US and start working there is possible for the students of DTMU only.

No other college in the entire region of East Europe provides such a possibility for its students. This means that there is no comparison between education at DTMU (Georgia) and any other university in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, China or the Philippines.

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