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Why is DTMU the best university in Georgia?

Why is DTMU the best university in Georgia?

Whenever someone asks us the question “which is the best Medical university for MBBS in Georgia,” We have only one answer – DTMU. There are many reasons for saying this. We have posted numerous articles all over the internet which define this statement the DTMU is the best university for MBBS in Georgia. We will post some links at the end of this article for you to read. If you are an aspiring student, we suggest you read all of these blogs carefully.

Coming back to the point of what makes DTMU the best university for MBBS in Georgia.: The most important, the most crucial point is “MCI Eligibility Test Results” This is one such crucial question which most education consultants shy away from or provide irrelevant, sometimes even incorrect and misguiding answers to.

Why do we send our children to do MBBS abroad? Most of us dream that they would return back home with a degree in hand and would be able to work in India as a doctor. For that to happen we need to ensure that we have only one question in mind, and none other.

Which university has a hundred percent record at MCI?

I have watched many videos on youtube, and have read many articles by agents in India who justify that there are universities which are new and that are why they don’t have an MCI pass candidate etc. I would like to inform you that the percentage of students who pass MCI eligibility test is less than 20% of those who appear for it. Would you like to send your child to such a university whch has a low MCI eligibility test passing percentage? Or a university which is not tried and tested at all, and has no candidates yet which have cleared MCI Eligibility test.

DTMU is the only university which has a record of 100% MCI pass percentage. Each and every student of DTMU passes MCI Eligibility Test. There is nothing else which matters.

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