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MBBS With An Eye On The Future

MBBS With An Eye On The Future

Times are changing very fast. The speed of new scientific inventions and discoveries is much faster today than ever before. Humans have also learnt to adapt to this change very quickly. Mobile phones, Social Media, Skype, Google Maps, Artificial Intelligence, everything has integrated easily into our lives, as if they were always there. The same thing is happening in the field of medicine – Medical Science is also changing at a breathtaking pace. Think about it, since the first time you dreamt of becoming a doctor, so much has already changed. There are so many new scientific discoveries in this field – Almost every day you hear of a new technology – in diagnostics, surgery, medicine etc. As students of medicine, even though you go about the pressure of studies, it is very important for you to read as much as possible about these changes that are taking place on a daily basis.

It is important to read a lot of books, journals, magazines, and blogs and stay up to date with what is happening. It is said that the world will be so different in the next twenty years that people who are living in today’s times, us, will not be able to recognize anything if we are shown a glimpse of the future. Between the years 2020 to 2030 the world will see as much progress in the field of science as compared to the whole of last century. What will medical science be like at that time? Will doctors remain just like today or will they be different? These are the questions that you as an MBBS student would need to think about. Thinking about these questions will help you determine your path towards your goals. It is important to be able to envision your goals in life. Even though today you imagine yourself as a future doctor wearing a white coat, tomorrow such doctors may not exist.

Tomorrow’s doctors may be very different. It is almost impossible to imagine accurately what the future would be, but let’s guess. I feel in future, surgeries might be performed entirely by robots. Artificial organs might easily replace real ones. Body scans could be much more detailed, with each and every cell of the body visible. Brain implants would be performed just like small dental procedures. There may be integration between humans and artificial intelligence. Some of this has already begun and the rest is just round the corner. It is great to study medicine from the basics, however it would be equally important to keep an eye on the future. Although the transition will always be very smooth because we do have this ability to adapt to change no matter what the pace of change is, still to be able to open up to this change before it happens can be quite helpful.

To choose your path today and yet to keep an eye on tomorrow is difficult but not impossible at all. It requires a few minutes of reading, thinking, using your imagination and understanding what role you would like to play in the future of humanity. Each one of us needs to ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of my existence?” “What will be my role as a doctor in future?” And once we think about such questions, the answers definitely come in due time.  Those answers can take us on to the path of our growth and development.

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