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Important Information For Indian Students Aspiring To Study MBBS in Georgia

Important Information For Indian Students Aspiring To Study MBBS in Georgia

Important Information For Indian Students Aspiring To Study MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a country that is good as any other in terms of culture, education, etc. Over a period of time, Georgia has emerged as a significant destination among medical students in India who wish to pursue their education in MBBS. Some of the topmost medical colleges are located in Georgia and the courses offered by the medical universities are both recognized by the Medical Council of India and WHO which is an added advantage for the Indian students as they can come back to their home country and work.

For those students who are aspiring to pursue their MBBS in Georgia but are confused, here are some answers to rid your doubts.

  1. Why not other countries which offer the course at a lower cost?

Firstly, the tuition fee in Georgia ranges somewhere between 2.5 lakh to 4 lakh Indian Rupees which is the same as the other countries offering the course at an affordable price. The tuition fees is paid annually in advance for the first year during the admission for MBBS in Georgia.

When compared with countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia has favourable climatic condition compared to them. Secondly, the Universities listed are all authentic and are recognized globally making it easier for students to work elsewhere after the completion of the course.

  1. What about the living expenses and accommodation affordability?

The overall living expenses covering the basic needs come up to 250 – 400 USD/month which includes accommodation, transportation, food, internet, and Tv charges as well. David Tvildiani University provides good hostels for Indian students with the mess serving Indian food.

  1. How do I manage my emergency expenses if any, Am I allowed to open a bank account?

It is simple to open a bank account, all you need is your Passport, photo and student ID card. Once you fill in your form details etc., your account will be activated within 15 minutes, which will solely be under your authority.

  1. Who will be my point of contact in case of any queries I’d have regarding issues in the University or the hostel?

The International Students Department will be happy to solve any queries you have. David Tvildiani Medical University has a proper Foreign Retalitions Department whoch guides the students at every step.

  1. Is the Georgian language mandatory?

No, all the subjects are taught in English but there are Georgian classes available if students are interested to learn.

  1. Is Georgia safe for MBBS?

Georgia is fairly safe, secure and friendly towards Indian students. There is a great deal of goodwill for India. As for female student safety, several Indian female students opt to study in Georgia according to the sources. Read How Georgia is safe for Indian MBBS Students here.

All in all, Georgia contributes to a positive and welcoming vibe for the Indian students aspiring to take admission in the MBBS field.

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