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Should MBBS Students Be Taught Management?

Should MBBS Students Be Taught Management?

MBBS in Georgai at DTMU

Combining management acumen with medical knowledge is a challenging task but experts believe it is an essential one. Many medical colleges and universities known for MBBS abroad are waking up to the importance of this combination and inculcating management subjects into their curriculum.

Many colleges and university offering MBBS in Georgia believe that though medicine is a highly technical field, it needs to be accompanied by the knowledge of how to ethically apply their knowledge and broaden their horizons through the right kind of management. Hence, most aspiring medicos are choosing to study MBBS in Georgia in order to equip themselves with a multi-dimensional skillset that involves management techniques as well.

The reason behind placing so much significance on teaching management to students of MBBS in Georgia is to make the medical practitioner working in the healthcare sector capable of setting up their own clinics and managing their staff better. Managerial skills are also essential in taking care of hospital/clinic administration and effectively supervising the staff members of that healthcare establishment. Hence, students wish to pursue MBBS abroad so that they get to learn the know-hows of management as well.

Medical practitioners often face difficult situations and challenging tasks at their work. A basic training and knowledge of management techniques will help them to manage these situations in a better manner as well as communicate effectively. The colleges of MBBS in Georgia also believe that teaching management subjects to students will assist them in utilising team members according to their strengths, thus improving the overall productivity of the clinic or hospital.

One of the main reasons why students wish to study MBBS in Georgia is because the universities there focus on developing other aspects such as soft-skills and management techniques among the students in addition to the medical training. Most students who have completed their MBBS in Georgia believe that doctors who can also work as managers have more career options open than just doctors. Right from opening nursing homes and working in corporate healthcare divisions as clinicians as well as administrators to applying to pharmaceutical companies as medical advisors and marketing professionals, a number of career avenues open up for students who have learnt management techniques along with medicine.

They also have the options of working in clinical research organisations and Research and Development departments of the health care divisions. That is not all; MBBS students who have been taught management can also handle IT consulting and sales in various areas of the healthcare industry. All in all, many institutes which teach MBBS abroad believe that equipping medical aspirants with managerial skills helps to nurture and cultivate them in an all-encompassing manner that is beneficial for the industry as well as the individual.

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