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Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China and Philippines – Which country is best for MBBS

Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China and Philippines – Which country is best for MBBS

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Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China, and Philippines – These are the most popular destinations for medical students from India.

Caribbean Medical schools were also trying to market themselves in India in the last couple of years, however people have understood that there are a lot of licensing and legal issues with these schools, that is the reason we have not considered Caribbean’s as a part of the popular destinations for Indian Medical students.

Russia has been traditionally very popular amongst Indian students since 1980’s. India and the Soviet Union had deep political ties at that period and most of the students going abroad for MBBS used to go to the then Soviet Union. However in the year 2002 MCI, Medical Council of India, decided to start conducting a test for foreign medical graduates upon their return to India. That is the time Russia’s popularity started fading as a destination for MBBS for Indian students. The reason was that most of these Russian MBBS students started failing the Eligibility Test.

Ukraine was also a part of the Soviet Union. It suffered the same fate. Education pattern in these ex Soviet Republics didn’t change much, and students going there risk failing MCI Eligibility Test by going to Ukraine and Russia. Apart from that it is the harsh weather, severe winters, which is a deterrent. Minus 25, minus 20 in winters is quite common in Russia and Ukraine.

The decline in numbers of Indian MBBS students in these countries is also attributed to the high crime. Ukraine and Russia feature amongst the most corrupt countries of the world. Please search ‘Corruption Perception Index’ and look for the ranking of these countries. There are a few education consultants who try to promote these countries, kindly do your own research. Make sure to check how corrupt these countries are at the Corruption Perception Index – that will give you an idea about the law and order situation in these countries.

China is one country that has surprised everyone when it comes to cheap products. Just like the products, many new cheap Chinese universities have sprung up just for the sake of business. Ninety percent plus Chinese MBBS Graduates fail MCI Eligibility Test. People go there because it’s its reasonable. Also, one has to check for Chinese Medicine Syllabus that is prevalent in most Chinese universities. So after spending six years studying in China one ends up becoming a MBBS in Chinese Medicine. A lot of students get stuck because they choose China for inexpensive studies.

Philippines was a good option till a few years ago, however that scenario has changed in recent times. Philippines requires you to, first get admission in the pre medical course, after which there is an examination for admission into the proper MBBS courses. It is a well known fact that they enroll much more students than their capacities permit, and these students are failed after two years of pre medical course – Just because, often, the college they went to doesn’t have enough number of seats.

Georgia is a much better place to stay and study when compared all of the countries mentioned above.

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