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DTMU: The best medical college in Georgia

DTMU: The best medical college in Georgia

DTMU: The best medical college in Georgia

Georgia has many good medical schools but probably the best medical college in the country is the David Tvildiani Medical University. The recognition as the best medical college is not just based on unaccountable reports on promotional websites – It is based on the opinion of students themselves. Over the past two decades DTMU has steadily risen in its rank as not only the top medical college in Georgia but also as the top amongst all former Soviet republics. It has the distinction of being the only university in Georgia to teach the curriculum completely in English.

In1992/1993, the AIETI Medical School started functioning under the patronage of Acad. David Tvildiani and Dr. Dimitri Tvildiani. It is one of the first non-governmental higher medical education institutions in Georgia.  Since 2011 AIETI Medical School was renamed after the academician David Tvildiani in David Tvildiani Medical University (DTMU).

So what has made this medical college number one in the Region?

There are several factors responsible for that. Number one is that DTMU has always maintained a rigorous admission process and picks the top students from the country. It has also recruited some of the leading physicians to teach at the medical school. DTMU has adopted a USMLE based curriculum and many of their lecturers have been trained both in Europe and the US. Graduates of DTMU are often the first to be selected for advanced training in the USA and Europe.

David Tvildiani Medical University (DTMU) offers USMLE preparation courses for free.  In addition to mandatory lessons that students attend in basic MD programs, they also have the opportunity to attend free USMLE preparation courses. USMLE preparation process is based on best books and educational materials used and recommended for the exams. Computer based multiple choice examinations are conducted periodically to simulate real USMLE test taking environment. Selection examinations are conducted for AIETI`s students and graduates aimed to pass the USMLE Steps. A student has to obtain the threshold exceeding score to be admitted as a candidate for the USMLE financed by the School.

DTMU (AIETI) is included into the WHO AVICENNA Directory for medicine, and it is a member of the: Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS).

A large number of the graduates have already completed or are currently doing the residency or other proficiency courses, working as physicians in prominent USA and European Universities and Hospitals. The absolute majority of the graduates have been employed in the professional field, while many more successfully passed the international exams (USMLE, PLAB, MCI) and are currently developing their skills at hospitals and research centres of the USA, Germany, Britain, Sweden and other developed countries. A number of the graduates have returned to the School as efficient teachers. Many of them have earned their PhD degree.